White Paper Development

Are technical white papers worth the time for a start-up?

In a word, Yes! A well-written white paper will serve as powerful marketing and sales tool to attract investors, customers, and industry partnerships. Technical white papers provide contract officers or investors the confidence to trust you as an authority in your industry, which can lead to opportunities for collaborations, product sales, and business ventures.

However, organizing and articulating complex technical data to be understood by an audience is no easy feat! Our experts can help you prepare a well-thought-out technical white paper for of your start-up's needs. We break down complex technical narratives and research findings so the message is easily understood by your target audience.

Development Services Offered

Preparation & Strategy

Our technical writers will work with you to develop an outline, identify the objective, and prepare a strategy for your white paper.

Drafting & Editing

Let our technical writers take the lead on the writing, drafting, and editing. We will make sure the draft is in top shape before publication.

Revising & Proofreading

Already have a white paper draft written and need feedback? Let us take over to strengthen your white paper.

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