Proposal Writing & Management

Professional proposal writing and proposal services help contractors bid on and win lucrative government contracts. These services allow company owners and stockholders to expand their revenue streams, improve profitability and increase the bottom line.

Since 2019, the Funding Ninja team has provided professional proposal writing and management services to assist government and commercial contractors across the United States in obtaining government grants and contracts.

We manage proposals of all sizes in both the public and private sectors, including:

  • Federal Government

  • State/Local/Municipality

  • Private/Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

  • Teaming

  • Universities

Why use a Proposal Management Consultancy?

A professional proposal management consultancy understands what it takes to win contracts and puts your organization in a prime position to do so. The Funding Ninja team puts our expertise to work for you, identifying suitable projects and providing whatever resources are necessary for you to submit a winning proposal.

Our extensive level of knowledge and experience — and because we have proven processes in place — we can provide comprehensive proposal writing and management for significantly less than it would cost most contractors to do the work themselves. We estimate that our services save on average 50% when compared to the cost of proposal preparation internally.

How does our process work?

Funding Ninja uses a strategic 360° approach for managing the proposal process. When we onboard a client for our services, we begin by learning every detail about your goals and objectives, strengths, skills, and interests through our data download process.

Our proprietary approach to research lets us track contracting opportunities throughout the U.S., and when we identify an opportunity that fits your core capabilities, we present it to you. We then assist you in conducting a bid/no-bid evaluation to determine if your firm should pursue the opportunity or move on to others.

If you decide to pursue the opportunity, we will provide the estimate and begin proposal preparation. We then manage the entire process through contract award.

How can a Proposal Management Consultancy grow our business?

Creating and submitting proposals in pursuit of government contracts represents a significant investment for your business, requiring a sizeable dedication of human and financial resources. If those efforts lead to a contract award and a profitable project, the investment was well made. However, if you are not awarded the contract, it may compromise your future willingness or ability to pursue other contracts or respond to RFPs.

Working with a team of professional proposal writers provides the resources and solutions that allow you to win awards and achieve your goals. Funding Ninja is a dedicated partner to our client's contracting concerns of all sizes and specialties. Our services provide measurable value to government and commercial contractors who seek to increase their revenue through government contracting.

The Funding Ninja team would like to put this experience to work for your contracting organization. Whether your firm is long-established, or if you’re just starting or expanding to new markets, we can design a strategy to improve your ability to win local, state, and federal contracts. Contact us today to meet our team and learn more about how proposal management can help you achieve your business objectives.

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