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Our nonprofit grant writing and management consulting is designed to meet each organization’s unique needs, from formation to strategic planning. The Funding Ninjateam will work with your organization to execute a winning strategy.

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Nonprofit Establishment

We'll get you set up at the State and Federal levels as a 501c3, file all paperwork, and provide Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Our team also includes tax professionals specifically focused on filing the 990 for our nonprofit clients.

Grant Sourcing

Let our team research funding opportunities that closely match your organizational goals and monetary needs. We'll deliver them directly to your inbox and then brainstorm with you to create a short and long-term plan of action.

Grant Writing

The Funding Ninja grant writing team is second to none . Built with efficiency and technical expertise in mind, our grant writers are licensed attorneys with extensive experience working with nonprofits nationwide. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive grant package that captures your organizational voice, program details, and the overall mission that you are ready to deliver.

Award Management

Proper administration is key to building a long-lasting relationship with funders and keeping donations rolling in. Our nonprofit business consultants specialize in developing and nurturing the relationship between organizations, monitoring grant compliance, and providing insight so that your organization can obtain ongoing support for years to come.


The final, and sometimes most important, step in the grant cycle is the actual reporting on your progress and impact. This is a huge factor in determining whether your organization will be able to obtain ongoing and increased funding over time. Funders want to know how they have made an impact through their donations and how continuing that funding will make an even greater difference. Our team will build out the entire reporting structure, with your input, to meet these requirements on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis as detailed by the grant agreement.

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